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Output to save


When clicking of the “Output to save” button, the user can define the outputs (graphics and tables) that will be saved in the result folder.


The list of graphics corresponds to all the graphics that Monolix can generate

  • Project summary
  • Spaghetti plot:  This graphic displays the original data w.r.t. time along with some additional informations.
  • Individual fits: This graphics displays the individual fits, using the population parameters with the individual covariates (red) and the individual parameters (green) w.r.t. time on a continuous grid.
  • Obs. vs Pred: This graphic displays observations w.r.t. the predictions computed using the population parameters (on the left), and w.r.t. the individual parameters (on the right).
  • Covariates: This graphic displays displays the estimators of the individual parameters in the Gaussian space (and those for random effects) w.r.t. the covariates.
  • Parameters Distribution: This graphic displays the estimated population distributions of the individual parameters.
  • Random Effects (boxplot): This graphic displays the distribution of the random effects with boxplots.
  • Random Effects (joint dist.): This graphic displays scatter plots for each pairs of random effects.
  • Convergence SAEM
  • Residuals
  • VPC
  • NPC
  • BLQ
  • Prediction distribution
  • Categorized Data
  • Time to Event data
  • Transition Probabilities
  • Posterior distribution
  • Contribution to likelihood

To know more about these graphics, see the Graphic section. Moreover, if these graphics are not generated (if not feasible nor requested by the user in the Graphic selection), they will not be saved.


The list of tables corresponds to all the tables that Monolix can generate. A more detailed description of the content of the tables can be found here.

  • Observation times:  It generates a file predictions.txt containing Observation times table. It contains the regression variables, the individual predictions, the population predictions, the weighted population residuals, the weighted individual residuals and the NPDE, for all the observation times in the data set.
  • Fine-grid times: It generates a file finegrid.txt containing Fine-grid times table. It contains the regression variables, the  individual predictions, the population predictions in a fine (regular) grid.
  • All times: It generates a file fulltimes.txt containing All times table. It contains the regression variables, the individual predictions, the population predictions for a possibly larger set of times in the data set, including observation times, lines where MDV column is set to 2.
  • LL individuals contribution: it generates a file individualContributionToLL.txt containing LL individuals contribution table. It contains subject contribution to the total log-likelihood.
  • Covariates summary: It generates a file covariatesSummary.txt containing Covariates summary table. It contains a summary of all the covariates defined in the project.
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